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Poetry is a heart warmer and a soul enhancer. If you are on poetry?s side, stand up and be counted. Have a heart, nurture your soul.

Blow your Trumpet. Send in a Poem  --- Editor


A Week of Poetry from 9th November 2005
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Poetry in Motion in the Pattni Connection
Poetry is a form of expression. It is not just for a chosen few. Everyone has his or her own individual style and point of view. We're here to encourage the expression of your unique vision. Poetry is an expression of the heart and is valid no matter the poet's educational level or background.
             It makes us proud to know that our Samaj have a wealth of philosophical talents and are now coming forward to participate in our website. We are pleased to celebrate a week of Poetry to show the talents poets. All them are simply brilliant. - editor

ou may most welcome to send poems in English, Gujarati or Hindi. We now have the facility in our own Pattni website, so grab this opportunity to publish your material and show your talents.


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-- English Poems --
Zer Thai Gaya - Rasik Ghaghada
Kalki - Kanchan Zala
Kash - Vasant Pattni
Mital Pattni. Nakuru. Kenya
A poem for a friend that I found in you - Manisha Ghaghda

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Poetry Week Gujarati

Zer Thai Gaya - Rasik Ghaghada
Kalki - Kanchan Zala
Kash - Gujarati - Vasant Pattni 
Chahat - Vinod H. Sagar - Guj Poem
Avu Duniya Ma Kem Thatu? - Rasikbhai Ghaghda

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